LCRN EP16 – Food Delivery App (Part 1) – React Native UI | Drawer Animation | Bottom Tabs Animation

In this episode, we are going to build a pretty cool food delivery app based on the UI design that we have just bought recently.


npm install @react-navigation/native react-native-reanimated react-native-gesture-handler react-native-screens react-native-safe-area-context @react-native-community/masked-view @react-navigation/stack @react-navigation/drawer --legacy-peer-deps

npm install react-native-reanimated@next
	- remember to reset cache after installed
		- npx react-native start --reset-cache

npm install react-redux redux redux-thunk

npm install react-native-linear-gradient --save

npm install --save @ptomasroos/react-native-multi-slider


Starter Template
Full Source Code (CLI)
Full Source Code (Expo)