How to generate Google Maps API Key for Mobile App?

  1. First, go to Google Cloud. If you does not have an account, you are required to sign up an account in order to proceed next step. If you already have an account, please sign in to Google Cloud.
  2. After login to Google Cloud, go to Google Cloud Console.
  3. Create a new project via screenshots shown below:
i. Click on current project section to add new project

ii. Click “New Project” button to create new project

iii. Fill your project name and click “CREATE” button at bottom left

iv. Go to “APIs & Services” > Library to enable libraries required for your project

4. Enable libraries below:

  • Maps SDK For Android
  • Maps SDK for iOS
  • Directions API
Go to APIs & Services > Credentials to generate API key
Click “Create Credentials” > API key to generate API key

After you get your API key, remember to restrict it for your own application id only.

Thanks for reading.

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